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“I love helping other people be successful. Anything is doable with the right support.”

Over the course of my 25-year career I have experienced many different jobs and positions. I have worked in a large corporate environment. I have started up a successful company with my current job as CEO and cofounder of a loyalty consulting company. I have started and maintained a small on-line retail business importing environmentally conscious goods from Finland. I have been a consultant to help outsource program management in the incentive, loyalty and financial services industry throughout Canada and the US. I’m a certified coach practitioner. And I’ve taken a try at pretty much everything else in between.

I’m really a serial entrepreneur with a great desire to deliver outstanding experiences to clients. So now I have taken all of this wonderful background from my own ups and downs to demonstrate to others from an ambitious mompreneur to a corporate leader that is ready to strike out on their own – how to do it wisely.

I combine my many years of experience in a wide variety of sectors with a keen intuition, a child-like curiosity, and great listening skills to bolster people to create their best self.

Truthfully, there are many different types of ‘coaches’ and ‘consultants’ to choose from nowadays. But I do feel, after many years in business, I come from it a little differently. I wasn’t always using my own inner voice when I made decisions personally or professionally. I made mistakes along the way by silencing my intuition. Sometimes the consequences were big (and painful) but most of the time not listening created an internal struggle which led to general unhappiness.

My inner voice was always there, but the volume was turned way down. As I came out of the corporate world and became an entrepreneur, I stopped second-guessing myself so much. I started tuning into that quiet voice only I could hear.

It enabled me to be guided to make decisions that were right for me, not everyone else. Over the course of the last few years as a wife, mother and business partner I have continued to hone my inner skills and listen more carefully. And I do feel that I can show you how to listen to yours carefully and use it to your advantage.

Some call it ‘gut feel’ because you can actually feel it when you listen to it closely. It can help in many areas of your life. And I can show you how.