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Let’s ride together.

Over my career, I’ve worked in corporate environments and I’ve started a few businesses – all while raising a family – I know firsthand how hard it is to keep it all together and not lose yourself in others’ needs. The list of priorities is long and it is difficult to make wise decisions in areas you’re unsure about.

I started Tandem because I couldn’t find someone to turn to for support and coaching for on-going issues and questions I needed answers for; Someone to bolster my ideas. Tell me I am doing a good job. Balance my internal needs with the external demands. Coach me to uncover what I really wanted. And advise and counsel in areas that weren’t my strengths.

I had to learn how to put myself first, essentially. So now I am here ready to help you do the same.

“You’ll do the work.
I’ll do the cheerleading.”

Are you feeling overwhelmed with making the right decisions for you and your business? Not sure you are on the right path? Are you looking for more success but not at the expense of your health or time with your family?

Tandem provides you with all of the guidance, support and feedback you need to take your business or your career to the next level while maintaining personal balance.

With my unique approach to coaching and business planning, and my extensive background in both corporate and entrepreneurial businesses, we can resolve all of those pesky things that keep you up at night.

My network of trusted support services including marketing professionals, accountants and wellness experts can be of great help to the success of your business and life, and I’m happy to share them with you.

Tandem can help you hone into your own intuition and power it up to help you make key decisions that are right for you. I can help you be more authentic and connect to who you are. I’ll be right there beside you as you take flight.

Ready to start your journey?

I can customize a program that works best for you. I can set up weekly coaching sessions, corporate workshops or monthly advisory support services. My one-on-one approach is kind, helpful and strategic in nature. With a bit of fun along the way.

Let’s get your business off the ground, together.

For corporate leaders

Having a hard time managing your company’s expectations vs. your personal needs? Is driving business results compromising your personal authenticity? Having trouble navigating company politics?

I can help you navigate your career and get you the success your yearn for. We can set up regular, one-on-one time to discuss what you will need to set yourself up for success. I can be your sounding board and help you uncover the answers to move forward in the right direction.

Packages; 5, 10, or 20 weekly-biweekly discussions available.

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For entrepreneurs

Feeling overwhelmed putting yourself “out there”? Have a vision for your business but struggling with how to get it all done? I can help you get those business ideas out of your head and on to paper.

We can set up regular, one-on-one time to discuss what you will need to set yourself up for success. I can walk in your shoes for a bit to help you see your business objectives from a different point-of-view.

Packages; 5, 10, or 20 weekly-biweekly discussions available.

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For corporate clients

I can lead business planning sessions, work with your teams to develop strategic plans. I can help develop an ambitious employee, navigate their role and expand the skill set they need to grow, prosper and lead within the corporate setting.

Alternatively I can help create an exit plan for those whose strengths may align better in another role. I also offer group sessions to coach and advise a team or group to better work together to reach a common goal or build a business plan to align the company to meet its targets.

This can be accomplished over weeks or months depending upon requirements.

Monthly Packages: Individual advisory, team building or executive coaching.

Keeping balanced

As a dedicated parent and wife, running my own business, I know how difficult it can be to have a balanced life. It’s never perfect but I have been able to organize my time to give me what I need as a human being alongside the responsibilities I have as an entrepreneur. It is possible and I can guide you to create personal wellness that can be difficult to achieve.

It’s about redefining your priorities to make certain that you are, occasionally, at the top of the list. I can teach you to listen to your gut and help it guide the way.

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By the hour

We can set up a weekly or monthly chat to discuss ideas, thoughts and support I can give you as you move forward with your new business. I can listen to you and be a sounding board for big or small decisions and I can share my mistakes and triumphs to help guide you in the right direction. I can share with you the people that helped me when I needed a skill-set I didn’t have myself.

Free for a quick chat?

I love meeting new people and I’ve been told I’m a good listener.

Let’s set up a complimentary 30 minute chat to discuss how I might be of help.