A Community of Women Who Love Beer

The Society of Beer Drinking Ladies began by 5 women in early 2014, determined to shake up the male-dominated beer industry by hosting secret ‘bevy’ events for women to hang out and enjoy beer. Fast forward to present day, the SOBDL is now owned and operated by 2 of the original co-founders – Erica Campbell and Jaime Dobbs – and is the largest women & beer organization in North America. We have seasonal beers at the LCBO, frequent small batch collab brews, our Mystery Box program, a full merch line at shop.ladiesdrinkbeer.com and a cider coming to LCBO this Spring! When it’s safe to do so, we’ll get right back at it too hosting our Lady Beer Fests, bevies, beer dinners and beer launch parties in Ottawa, Toronto and Hamilton. We miss you!

Women Supporting
A Foundation for Women

Since we began in early 2014, we’ve been drinkin’ for a cause. We partnered with the Canadian Women Foundation because of their national reach and progressive values. We have raised more than $50,000 over the years, with funds going to excellent programming from coast-to-coast to support that elevate and support women. We also enjoy supporting more local initiatives. For instance, our mystery boxes support the great work of Black Women in Motion.

A Safe Community
For Women

Inclusive & safe. We’re committed to fostering a place where racism, homophobia & discrimination are not tolerated and our differences are celebrated. A place where you can be yourself. A helluva good time. A place to come solo and meet new pals OR a place to bring your gal pals. A place where there is NEVER a dress code. Charitable: we’re drinking for a cause! (the Canadian Women’ Foundation, that is.) A place where the music is bumpin’. Full of really, really good vibes. A place to chill on the floor or dance up a storm. Full of just the best damn lady energy.

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